Intelli Solutions | Digital Transformation

Orchestrate your Digital Transformation

Intelli’s deep portfolio based on the SynChordia Business Suite, offers a digital transformation agenda that enables financial institutes to orchestrate their digital transformation and launch easily as series of new digital offerings that follow the whole customer lifecycle (engagement – retention – revenue assurance). It includes a complete solution offering for Financial Institutes providing the following main modules:

Online Customer Onboarding

Enables financial firms to adopt digital transformation by automating the customer engagement, authentication, validation and service activation end-to-end anytime anywhere. This offering is highly integrated with digital signature capabilities and ready to drive a financial institute to achieve significant operational cost savings as well as great improvement of Time-to-Market based on fully digital and paperless approach.

Back-Office Automation

It is designed specifically to handle the complexities and challenges of back office processing environments. This module automates the human-centric oriented processes, reduces time consuming manual tasks, automates paper intensive activities and processes vital data more cost effectively.

Digital Lending

Enables financial institutions to rapidly build, integrate, launch and service any lending portfolio. It allows financial institutions to manage the full lifecycle of loans, including origination, underwriting, covenant tracking, collateral management, loan servicing and portfolio reporting supporting syndicated lending, leasing, loan compliance and more.

Service Lifecycle Management

A next generation and integrated software module that provides a seamless combination of capabilities and functionalities for every facet of the management process from the initiation of a product or service request to the disbursement and lifecycle until repayment.

Digital Loyalty & Analytics

A end-to-end customer analytics and bank loyalty program that seamlessly integrate into the marketing efforts to Improve customer satisfaction, reduce attrition with stronger banking customer retention incentives, build cardholder preference and increase usage and spend levels upsell customers into more profitable accounts and reward the most valuable customers with VIP loyalty club benefits.

Debt Management & Recovery

The economic elements as well as the demographic elements of debtors change daily and the right management impose the use of completed informative system. Based on the most modern approach of a Dynamic Relationship with the customer base, this solution is the leading choice for collection strategy, credit analysis, recovery process, bad debt protection, revenue assurance & leakage elimination.